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Wheatley Distinguished Lecture: Sir Roger Scruton

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Sir Roger Scruton is first and foremost a freelance writer and philosopher that specializes in aesthetics. He is currently a visiting professor at Oxford, the University of St Andrews, and the University of Buckingham. He has also taught at Cambridge, Birkbeck College, Boston University, Stanford, Princeton University, and many others. He has helped found two presses and has been an editor and director for both. He has consulted for various organizations such as the Civic Institute of Prague and has donated his time and resources to other charitable institutions. His main research specialty is in aesthetic philosophy which deals with defining the beauty of nature and art through sensory gathering. However, his exposure to the Paris Riots of 1968 convinced him that conservatism was his path as opposed to the Marxist and leftist ideals raging in the streets. From then on, advancing and exploring the meaning of conservative principles became a major life project. His influence has been so resilient in this area that the Weekly Standard said that Roger Scruton was “England’s most accomplished conservative since Edmund Burke.” He has written over forty books and some of his most famous are Thinkers of the New Left 1985, the Soul of the World 2014, the Meaning of Conservatism 1980, and Modern Philosophy: An Introduction and Survey 1994.

Sir Roger Scruton received his B.A. (1965), M.A. (1967), and Ph.D. (1972) in philosophy from Cambridge University. He is married to Sophie Jeffreys and they have two children.

This event is a Wheatley Distinguished Lecture. Futher details to be announced.