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World-Renowned Chemist to Speak at Annual Izatt-Christensen Lecture

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BYU is honored to welcome Graham Cooks, a Henry Bohn Hass Distinguished Professor of Chemistry. Cooks has made significant contributions in every area of mass spectrometry and many novel instruments have come out of Cooks’s research, including the first hybrid instrument and early miniature mass spectrometer. This instrument's reduction in size allows clinics, food safety organizations, the military, and the Department of Homeland Security the use of mass spectrometers to check for bacteria, drugs, and other harmful matter.

Cooks will present his general lecture at 4pm on Monday, March 20th titled, “Mass Spectrometry (MS): Synthesis and Analysis for the Greater Good.” The lecture will cover examples of mass spectrometry drawn from forensics, food safety, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and drug screening.

A more in-depth lecture, titled “Mass Spectrometry (MS): Instrumentation and Chemistry,” will take place at 4pm on Tuesday, March 21. In this lecture, Cooks will discuss the correlation between chemistry and instrumentation.

Both lectures will be held at 4pm in room W111 of the Ezra Taft Benson Building. The general public is invited to attend.