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Marcus Roberts, Jazz Pianist

Forum: Marcus Roberts, Jazz Pianist

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
11:05 AM
Marriott Center

Marcus Roberts, popular jazz pianist, will deliver the BYU Forum address with Greg Clark, BYU English professor.

This Forum will be broadcast on BYUtv.

Blinded at five years old, Marthaniel “Marcus” Roberts is an American jazz pianist, composer, arranger, bandleader and teacher. Roberts began teaching himself piano at an early age, eventually joining Wynton Marsalis’s band in the 1980s. Like Marsalis's, his music is rooted in the traditional jazz of the past. The Marcus Roberts Trio is known for its virtuosic style and entirely new approach to jazz trio performance. All members of the Marcus Roberts Trio shape the music’s direction by changing its tempo, mood, texture or form at any time.

Greg Clark, a BYU English professor, has performed with Roberts since 2015. The Trio improvises their jazz, and Clark and Roberts discuss what musical improvisation can teach us about democratic manners – the art of getting along.