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Integrating with the BYU Calendar

How It Works

The new Calendar website allows you to integrate your department or group calendars into the BYU Calendar.

  1. Request an account and a department category(ies).
  2. Create your events.
  3. Subscribe to your own events in your own google or outlook calendar. (Or many more) OR...
  4. Display events on your website in a number of styles. We've done the work, you just display them!


  • More visibility of your events - more people will see them if they are on BYU Calendar website
  • You can even use the BYU calendar system for events you just want to show on your own website.
  • Create them one time in one place.
  • If changes to an event happen (different time or location) you don't have to find out everywhere that information was added and change it everywhere
  • Have events nicely displayed everywhere without having to style them yourself.
  • Allow students to subscribe to your events (without any work on your part!)
  • Use any of the 5 display styles available with the Calendar Widget to display events on your own website.