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How Categories and Category ID's Have Changed

Category Structure

There used to be one long, hierarchical list of layered categories. Now there are several types of categories. You can see the list of every Category using the All Categories API. You can find the Category ID for any Category using this API.

Main Categories

These main categories will include every event entered in the BYU Calendar. This field is required, such that every event will fall under one (and only one) of these categories. If someone using the Calendar API wished to subscribe to all events in the Calendar system, they could do so by subscribing to all of these categories. See the Events API for more information.

  • Arts & Entertainment (ID 9)
  • Athletics (ID 10)
  • Conferences (ID 6)
  • Devotionals & Forums (ID 7)
  • Education (ID 4)
  • Health & Wellness (ID 47)
  • Student Life (ID 49)
  • Other (ID 52)

Department Categories

This is a list based on Departments, Colleges, and Groups. These are used primarily by these departments and groups that enter their own events and use their categories and subcategories to return on their own websites and in their own calendars. These categories can be added to and expanded as Departments and groups need.

Academic Calendar

These Categories list all the information for the Academic Calendar. They can be subscribed to as a whole, or by individual types of dates/events.

  • Color Key (ID 396)

    • Education Week (ID 397)
    • Event (ID 398)
    • Exam Preparation Day (ID 399)
    • Final Exam Day (ID 400)
    • Graduation (ID 401)
    • Holiday (ID 402)
    • University Conference (ID 403)
    • New Student Orientation (ID 404)
  • Academic Deadlines (ID 405)

    • Add/Drop Deadline (Full Semester & 1st Term)
    • 2nd Term Add/Drop Deadline
    • Discontinuance Deadline
    • Withdraw Deadline (Full Semester)
    • 1st Term or Spring Term Withdraw Deadline
    • 2nd Term or Summer Term Withdraw Deadline
    • Grade Submission Deadline
    • Grades Online for Students
  • Other Dates (ID 414)

    • Commencement
    • Convocations
    • Friday Instruction
    • Last Day of Classes
    • Monday Instruction
    • No Classes
    • Start of Classes (1st day)
    • Last Day of 1st Term
    • First Day of 2nd Term

Featured on the BYU Homepage

This is a single category (90) which subscribes to all events featured on the BYU Homepage.


These are tags added to events as events are added. These can be subscribed to and displayed with the Calendar Widget in the same way. They also have ID's. ID's for these tags can be found by going to the tag's page. (Click on the tag from an event). At the bottom of the page, click the Subscribe button. You will see a subscription url that contains the tag's ID at the end of the url.

Category ID's

Almost all category ID's have changed. The Main categories, listed above, have primarily remained the same. All other categories were restructured and no longer have the same ID's. This means that any subscriptions to old categories will no longer work.

  • Arts & Enternainment (ID 9)
  • Athletics (ID 10)
  • Conferences (ID 6)
  • Devotionals & Forums (ID 7)
  • Education (ID 4)
  • Health & Wellness (ID 47)
  • Student Life (ID 49)
  • Other (ID 52)