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The calendar API is a service that provides calendar items and calendar categories for local consumption.

Events returned through these APIs may or may not be shown on the BYU Calendar. (A department may use the BYU Calendar system but not include their events on They can then use this API to return their events and display them on their own websites.)

This document provides reference material on all available parameters and routes. All of the events returned have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate administrators according to BYU policies.


This documentation is intended for BYU developers who wish to retrieve events and categories from the centralized calendar database through the available APIs. If a BYU department or organization would like to use this calendar as a centralized database for their own calendar events please contact us. Custom categories can be created for this purpose. You can also return a feed of events for existing categories.

Note: If you are wishing to use the Calendar Widget, see this page. This widget allows embedding calendar displays on your own site, using the dates and categories you specify. This widget is available as a Drupal module and as pure code that can be embedded.

The documentation below is very thorough. We hope this will be very useful. Please contact us with further questions.

Response Types

The BYU calendar web service allows events to be downloaded as XML, JSON, or JSONP. In order to request XML or JSON use the "Accept" HTTP Header and specify JSON or XML.

Read More Information about HTTP Headers.


Accept: application/xml

You can also specify this format in the url


Format and Parameters

Each API can be reached at as specified below. Following this endpoint will be the parameters. Please see each API to know about the formatting of these parameters, and whether the parameter is required or not.